Love in the Word Church

Bishop Lee-Ann Ardhima MinakiumBishop Lee-Ann Ardhima Minakium

Continental Bishop Minakium has a servants heart. She is of Indian heritage but was born as a native of South Africa. She was the first female Bishop ordained in LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH INC and quickly identified herself as the person to lead all of the African Country Bishops. She has many projects plan to help her countrymen and we look forward to her leadership on the continent of Africa.



Benin - Click here. Country Bishop Benino – Bishop Dr Dossou Pierre

Burundi - Click here. Country Bishop Burundi – Bishop Bonaventure Mvuyekure

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DR Congo - Click here. Country Bishop DR Congo – Bishop Muganza Bukongo

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Ghana - Click here. Country Bishop Ghana – Bishop Professor Dr Daniel A.M. Ghansah

Kenya - click here. Country Bishop MacDonald Ndambuki

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Nigeria - Click here. Country Bishop Nigeria - Bishop Dr Luke Odanibe

Rwanda - Click here. Country Bishop Rwanda - Bishop Alphonse Kamashabi

South Africa - Click here. Country Bishop Lee-Ann Ardhima Minakium

South Sudan - Click here. Country Bishop Martin Ifoga

Tanzania - Click here. Country Bishop Jackson Mulinde

Togo - Click here.

Uganda - Click here. Local Bishop Batwawula Lameck (presiding)

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Zimbabwe - Click here.Country Bishop James Alphas