Love in the Word Church

Bishop Obed Bett ChelogoiBISHOP OBED C. & WINY BETT

Bishop Obed (Chelogoi) Bett is a born-again Christian from a tribe in the parts of Northern Kenya. He gave my life to Christ one evening in a big youth camp in 1980 and was baptized in 1981. The Lord has blessed him with a beautiful wife, Winy Bett and two children: Andrew (17) in University and Joyous (6) in kindergarten. He has been working as a servant of God in various capacities for the last 32 years in his country of Kenya, Africa and now full time in The Global Union of Churches Organization. The Global Union of Churches is a more than 10 year old organization of more than 8000 churches and their gift to God is Mentoring leaders in the Body of Christ and a School of Ministry. They have mentored more than 10,000 pastors in the last 10 years. The Global Union of Churches has decided to work with Love In The Church as a LITWChurch Network entity and Bishop Bett has become the Lead Bishop Region Kenya for Love In The WORD Church Inc.

Sister Winy Bett is hard at work with Bishop Bett. She is intimately aware of all of the leaders and in fact is their Mom in the ministry. Sister Bett keenly follows everything. She has a ministry for women that is known as HOUSE OF NYMPHA and does a lot of women discipleship. She did a BA in communication at the university of NAIROBI.

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