Love in the Word Church



Pastor Sanjay R. Pawar

Pastor Sanjay Ratnakar Pawar is pastor of LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH – Maharashtra, India. He is the first Christian pastor to connect with LITWChurch from his state in India. They currently run a small, poor church of indigent widows, and orphaned children. The church is housed in the form of a hostel to care for as many as they are able. Pastor Pawar focus is pastoring and church planting among the needy and disadvantaged. Winning souls for Christ is what sustains them in hard conditions. They know that this is their call. Among their current services are taking care of children, providing spiritual training for everyone, and making certain that a general education is available for all inhabitants, especially the children. The needs of this congregation are many – they need everything!

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LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH – Tallapudi, Andhra Pradesh

Pastor Sirra Nani (Santhi) Babu

Pastor Sirra Nani Babu (Joseph Raju) was brought up in a Christian family in Hukumpet, Andhra Pradesh, India. His father was a pastor and had five children. Pastor Sirra was the middle child and he has four brothers. When Nani was young, his parents dedicated him to God in a country where Christians are severely outnumbered. He leads a disciplined and prayerful life. Like many youth, after he entered his 10th grade, he decided that he did not want to do God’s work. So he became an electrician, learning how to wire and cable homes for electrical service. One faithful day when electrician Sirra was up on an electrical pole when he received a major shock that should have pushed him off the pole to his death, but Pastor Sirra says that God was with him that day. H decided from that moment that maybe he should return to do what his parents dedicated him to do – serve the Lord. Sirra started fasting and prayer in 1996 and in June 5, 1996 was baptized. One day while praying, the Lord called Sirra to preach and on November 15, 1996, Pastor Sirra began his formal ministry. Jeremiah 1:8 became his call text and he dedicated his life to doing ministry.

Pastor Sirrai went to Bible school at Bhimavaram from 1997-1999. On September 24, 1999, he married his wife Santhi Kumar. He has three lovely daughters that work with he and his wife in the ministry. His church LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH – TALLAPUDI, ANDHRA PREDESH, INDIA (formerly, THE LIVING SAMARITAN MINISTRIES) is in Tallapudi Town in the Godavari District in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

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Pastor Ananthoju Rajitha

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