Love in the Word Church



GLORY OF GOD CHURCH – Shakdah, Shatkhira, Bangladesh

Pastor Jeshia Prodip

Pastor Jeshia Prodip is the only son of 2 children, born to a Christian family in Bangladesh. It is just he and his sister. Pastor Prodip is a pastor of GLORY OF GOD CHURCH in Shakdah, Shatkhira, Bangladesh. He was called of the Lord to preach the Gospel in Bangladesh at the age of 21. Jeshia’s goal is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a nation that is predominantly Muslim. Jeshia is determined, disciplined, and seeking mentorship when he was introduced to LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH. He wants to win souls and make more disciples. Pastor Jeshia has a team of pastor/evangelists that travel, teach, pray, sing, and assist as they go. The joined LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH in a LITWChurch Network Church, which affords them their autonomy while they share fellowship with a larger and seasoned ministry.

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