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Bishop Noel KamangiraBishop Noel Kamangira

Bishop Noel Kamangira is a born again Christian of Emmanuel Christian Church (now Love in The Word Church) in Malawi. He received Christ in 1990 and began serving the Lord in the choir as a singer and later as a worshipper. It was until 2009 that he was called by the Lord to seek lost souls. He began a mission to take the gospel to the unreached groups especially in the neglected areas of Malawi and Mozambique. Bishop Kamingira has been used of the Lord to plant a total of 70 churches in Malawi (30) and Mozambique (40). He teaches the Word of God through seminars and conferences. Bishop Kamingira is the husband to Roseline and a father of 7 children.


LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH – Ng'ombe, Ngabu, Chikwawa

Pastor Jonathan Billy

Pastor Jonathan Billy of Christian Church now Love in The Word Church is from Ng’ombe village, Ngabu, Chikwawa District in Malawi. As Christian of 37 years he began serving as a deacon at his local church but later appointed as pastor. He has been shepherding the church of 45+ members for the last 4 years. Pastor Jonathan is married to Fainess Sifa and they are blessed with 5 children.

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LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH - Chikwawa, Central Malawi

Pastor Thenford Blessing

Blessing Thenford is a pastor of Love In The Word Church formally Covenant life Church located in Chikwawa, Malawi Central. He received Christ in 2004 and was later chosen to serve as a deacon in 2015 for 2 was in 2017 that his local Church appointed him as a pastor. He is married to Falumesi Fatch and blessed with 3 children.

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Pastor Daniel Chisakeni

Pastor Daniel Chisakeni is the pastor of LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH – NSANJE, MALAWI branches and LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH – MOZAMBIQUE branches, formerly known as GRACE OF GOD PENTECOSTAL CHURCH MALAWI/MOZAMBIQUE. He was born on 2nd April 1982. He was the 5th child born in a Malawian family. In 2004, he received his Certificate of Education at Mbiya Community Day Secondary School.

Daniel was saved in the year 1997 and was baptized in. After Baptism, Daniel started serving the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Savior. Due to his faithfulness, dedication, and commitment, the church authorities recommended me to go to the Bible College to study the Word of God. This is where Daniel obtained his Diploma in Missions in the year 2015. After graduation that same year the church decided to send me to Nsanje, where he established a local church. He preached the WORD of God in villages as well as in the city. Daniel did so well that in 2016 the church decided to send him to Mozambique, right across the river. There he established another local church.

Daniel is married to his better half, Mercy Mchona, who completed her Certificate of Education at Mpatsa Community Day Secondary School. They were married in 2005 are blessed with three children. Pastoring several churches is challenging financially so in his spare time Daniel he farms to provide food for his family.

Today, Daniel's one church in Malawi is now six (6) local branches. The one church Daniel started in Mozambique is now three (3) local branches. All nine (9) churches have been facing different challenges, but Pastor Daniel and his family trusted in the Lord to see them through. Some of these challenges include: (1) Unavailability and insufficient number of Bibles and Hymn books in our local language, Chichewa. (2) Lack of reliable church buildings. (3) Lack of transportation to visit the church branches. (4) We have an overabundance of orphans and street children, so our greatest need are provisions to take care of these children. (5) The purchase of land for the construction of the local churches in the communities. The needs are great and challenges, but we do what we can with what the Lord provides.

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LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH – Lola, John, Simbi, Kampira, and Masache

Pastor Mc Chunga Chitsulo

Pastor Mc Chunga Chitsulo was born in June 1972. He was raised in Lole Village in Malawi. His father and mother were Christians and attended the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Malawi. Mc Chunga was baptized at age 10. He attended Nsanje Secondary School where he graduated in 1997 where he received his Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE). His first job after school was with the Malawi Cotton Company Limited as a cotton development facilitator. He performed for them for eleven (11) years. In 1997 Mc Chunga married Joyce Neliyo and together they have seven children. Joyce too went to Reformed Presbyterian Church and they sang together in the several choirs. Joyce understands the meaning of challenges since she came from a family that could not support her education.

Mc Chunga went to bible school at MIAM International Seminary (MINTS) and received a certificate in Theology. In March 2016, he received the call from God to start a new church in Lole Village called BIBLE FAITH EVANGELICAL CHURCH in Malawi until they decided in October 2019 to join LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH under their new organization. Currently both Mc Chunga and Joyce have been serving together and now the church has five (5) local branches positioned in the area. These church branches are LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH - Lole, - John, - Simbi, - Kampira, and - Masache. The church has an Orphan Care Ministry program where orphans and vulnerable children are evangelized, fed, clothed, and taught farming among other things. There are currently, at the time of this writing, 241 children registered in this program. The church has been able to get assistance from local farming and local contributions from members of the church. The current programs of the church are Sunday Worship services, church meetings, prayer meetings, revival meetings, and annual conferences.

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LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH – Chokolo Village (Tengani)

Pastor Langton Donsa

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LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH – Galavanta, Chikwawa District

Pastor Josephy and Angela Gwengwe

Pastor Josephy and Angela Gwengwe are from Galavanta village, Chikwawa District, Malawi central. They are the founders of Bible Faith Evangel Church (now Love In The Word Church) that has been operating since 2013. Pastor Josephy is involved. The couple has been blessed by 7 children.

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LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH – Chisi 2 Village (Tengani)

Pastor Hardson Lapozo

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LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH – Misongwe, Chikwawa

Pastor Yesaya Matautso

Pastor Masautso lives at Misongwe village, Ngabu, Chikwawa district in Malawi. He is a pastor of Love In The Word Church previously Grace of God Pentecost Church. He served as an assistant pastor for 1 year in 2007 before being appointed the pastor of the church he now shepherds. Since his church is located in a rural area, he ministers to mostly to those in his community by sharing the Word of God. He is married to Angel Falamos and they have 2 children.

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Pastor Steven Mnesa

Pastor Steven Mnesa of Love In The Word Church formally Christian Resources Ministries is located at Tengani, Nsanje district in the southern part of Malawi. He received his new birth in 1975. In 1985 he was appointed pastor of his local church and has since been preaching and teaching the Word of God alongside his wife Esther Sceva. The couple has been blessed with 8 children.

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LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH - Chirom, Nsanje District

Pastor Isaac Phepa

Pastor Isaac Phepa of Love In The Word Church formally New Life Christian Church is located in Nsanje District, Malawi. He was called by the Lord in 2001 and has since been serving Him under different capacities as a chairman, choir master, church secretary just to mention a few. Pastor Isaac and his wife Esther Frienden founded New Life Christian Church in 2006. They are blessed with 6 children.

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EVANGEL CHURCH – Dyeratu, Chikwawa

Pastor Yakobe Guta

Pastor Yakobe Guta lives in Dyeratu, Chikwawa, Malawi. He is a pastor at Evangel Church. The legally registered ministry has been in operation since 2005. He received Christ in 1994 and was baptized in the same year. After his studies in theology, he was ordained as a pastor in 2008. Pastor Guta is married to Manesi Juma and together they have 3 children.

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Pastor Goodman Rex Khonyo

Goodman Rex Khonyo is the pastor at Victory Church International located in Nsanje District in Malawi. He has been a Christian for the last 44 years. The ministry he oversees has been growing, reaching out to the unreached in Nsanje District with through prison and hospital ministries since its inception in 2016. Pastor Khonyo is married to Bertha Nyamula and together they have 6 children.

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Pastor Daniel Mcheka

Pastor Daniel Mcheka is the pastor at King Fisher Network Churches located in Baibulo village, Nsanje, Malawi. He received Christ and was baptized in Full Gospel Church where he previously served as a chairman and later in 2010 as a pastor. It was in 2018 that pastor Mcheka and his wife Martha Genera joined King Fisher Network Churches. The couples has been blessed with 7 children.

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GRACE BIBLE CHURCH – Nsangwe, Chikwawa

Pastor Madalisto Mkupira Tembo

Pastor Madalisto Mkupira Tembo of Grace Bible Church is from Nsangwe village, Chikwawa district in Malawi. He received Christ in 2001 and was baptized in the same year. Pastor Madalisto previously served as a church secretary in 2002 and as an evangelist in 2004 at Grace Bible Church. It was in 2005 that he was appointed as pastor of the church. He is married to Stellia Makwalo and together they have 5 children.

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