Love in the Word Church

1 John 5

When I was new to ministry, I used to teach that we are children of God regardless of our faith. I was wrong! Don't tell Mary my wife that I admitted that! I will NEVER live it down. Smile! The Truth is that every human being is a creation of God, but John says that only those who have faith in Jesus are His Children. That opinion would have received an argument from me but today I understand the concept. Children, Jesus said, were examples of what those inhabiting the Kingdom of God would look like. Children when they are pure listen to their father's voice. Have you ever seen a child ignore Mom, but when Dad speaks they jump to attention? So when we are children of God, we act "like" children - loving and obedient! Therefore John says that every one who loves the Father loves His children. John says we know we love God's children when we love God and are obedient to the Father. Isn't it interesting that when we mention God, the words love and obey are close by or certainly implied. We cannot love God if we are not obedient. As children of God, we are at constant war with the world. But it is our status with God that defeats evil. Greater is the God in us than the Satan in this world. John says that unless we believe in Jesus Christ we will not overcome the world. There is eternal life only thru the Son. Who testifies who the Son is? It is the water baptism, the blood shed on Calvary, and the Holy Spirit that testify of The Anointed One - The Christ. So if we are going to overcome the world, we will need to have faith in Christ and know that He died on the cross to guarantee our position with Him in eternity. We need to be Child of God - an obedient believer who loves God and His fellow believer and by the Words of Jesus, the Creation of God! Amen.