Love in the Word Church

Revelation 1

If you were like me when I was a child reading the Scriptures, I skipped the book of Revelations! Yes I have to admit that because it is true. I felt overwhelmed every time I tried to understand it. I found the symbolism so broad that it was just easier to skip it. As I matured, I have made many attempts to understand its pages, only to stop since the volume of commentary is also voluminous. So most of my life, i have avoided a full embrace of probably the most symbolic book of our canon, the Holy Bible - The Book of Revelations! Then an acquaintance, who had taken an interest in my theology and love for God's WORD introduced me to David Pawson. David Pawson unlocked the mystery about Revelations by adding the historical and geographical content that brings the meaning of the Book alive. I am thankful for his treatment of Jesus' Letter to His Seven Churches. So you can do it. Embrace the Book of Revelations! What a fitting conclusion to the cannon of Scripture that we call the Bible than a book which lays out God plan for eternity. If Jesus is the Hope of Heaven, then Revelations is His training manual! Jesus is the Son of God and His seven lamps represents the world. Rev 1 sets up seven churches and seven messengers preparing to usher in dispensations of time as Jesus prepares the earth for its paradisical glory. See the earth and our lives here as the education program of God to complete our training in the administration of the realms of God. Remember that we will become joint heirs with Jesus Christ over all that God has created. We must gain more than Wisdom here, we must understand the game plan. The Book of Revelations is God's plan to cleanse the earth and to restore it to its ultimate purpose. So don't be like I was - shying away from the book. Over the next 22 days, we will walk this path together. Join me! Amen.