Love in the Word Church

Revelations 4

The Throne is the subject of chapter 4 of revelations. After Jesus introduces the examples and the situation of earth in chapters 1through 3, He has the Spirit take the Apostle John to Heaven so that John can see what Heaven needs to teach the Church. God the Father is the one who sits on the Throne as the everlasting and eternal and absolute sovereign of all that exists. There are 4 creatures around the Throne that exist to worship He who sits on the Throne. No one can see God face to face and live so John sees that reflection of God the Father as light emulating through precious jewels, whose refracted light creates a rainbow around the Throne. The image of heaven is clear and John is detailed so that we know the condition or status of heaven. 24 Thrones surround The Throne and those who sit on these thrones is the subject of much speculation. Most believe that 12 represent the 12 tribes of Israel and the other 12 represent the 12 apostles. I do not believe this makes much sense. The tribes of Israel ARE the foundation of the Gospel Church and therefore the same Church or Kingdom of God. Also this concept denies that Paul the Apostle is the most prolific writer of the Gospel Church. No these 24 elders are "founders" and have some place of honor. Although controversial for most denominations, we believe that the other 12 thrones are for the tribes of Ishmael. In Genesis 12 through 16 when the initial blessing and subsequent covenant is made, Ishmael, the son of Abram and Hagar is the ONLY son of Abraham and is the first son to accept the everlasting covenant. We know from the book of John that the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. So even though the tribes of Ismael to this day do not see Jesus as Lord but as a prophet, they also worship the God of Abraham. I believe that it is inconsistent to think that they are not honored in the covenant. There is no clue how they might come to accept Jesus as Lord, but the Jews have the exact same problem and will be regrafted in the Last days! This is a more likely explanation of the 24 thrones and why it is only here in Revelations does the number 24 have a central role. All other places is based on 12, like the 144,000 (12 x 12000) and the Lamb. Yes, I know controversial. but only so because of our Judeo-Christian biases. God is not biased and the tribes of Ismael shall also be blessed by the same eternal God who blesses the covenant He brings through Israel! Finally there is a sea of glass that exists before the Throne. This sea is the collection of the primary or human creation of God. Remember The Throne exists OUTSIDE of Time and we see just the Father here until the Lamb that WAS slain joins the Throne in chapter 5. So as we read Revelations, it is ALWAYS important to know WHERE you are and WHEN you are. This will keep the details more clearly understood. Amen.