Love in the Word Church

Revelations 6

Chapters 4 through 16 display the process of the Plan of Salvation which is introduced in Chapter 5. Also this chapter introduces 1 of the 5 Sevens described in Revelations, but the last 3 Sevens (3, 4, 5) are the Process Sevens and they describes the process in heaven (outside of Time) that occurs what plays out on the earth IN TIME. The earth coupled with human life IS God's educational program for His greatest creation (humanity). Since Revelations is about completing (the Plan of Salvation), chapter 6 is the direct opening of the Plan and the 6 events that are timed by the breaking of the first 6 seals and set the timing of specific events that unfold in the Plan of Salvation on the earth. Notice that the first 4 seals encompass Jesus opening each seal that triggers each of the four creatures around The Throne, in turn, to draw the Apostle John's attention to imagery in Heaven that initiates an effect on the earth. These first 4 signs are called the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse". This comes from Zechariah 1:8-17 and 6:1-8. So Jesus breaks each of 4 seals and in turn each living creature around the Throne in a voice like thunder initiates the release of some characteristic on the earth. Can you imagine what would have happened to frail men in the face of the rebellious Satan, if all four events were released at one time. Education is a "process" over time and not a moment in time! Each of the four horses had a color that represents what character was being released on the earth. White symbolizes conquest. The fiery red one symbolizes bloodshed and war. The black horse symbolizes famine. The pale "ashy" color symbolizes the "blood lost" appearance of the dead, which represents death and Hell. Notice that there are 2 meanings of death here - death of the body and death of the spirit which means to be in Hell or Hades away from and separated from the Love of God. These are the character of the events signaled in heaven and commenced on earth to put God's greatest creation through trials so that they will be drawn, ultimately by full reliance on faith in Christ through free agency, back to a right relationship with God. Seal 5 and 6 are different in that they are not introduced by the 4 living creatures, but they are introduced by the cries of the slain martyrs of the Logos (Word) of God and their testimonies about God. Remember the sea in front of The Throne which represents the inhabitants of the earth and the prayers like incense in the golden bowls that cried to God for avenging of their blood. These cries are from under the altar, which is where sacrifice and bloodletting was done to atone for sin. The blood of these martyrs who die for their witness, cries for revenge of their given blood upon the altar, from their holding place. This lets us know that this is before the coming of Jesus the second time on earth since there are 2 more seals to go. This is the prayer of the "righteous"! Finally, the sixth seal is broken by the Lamb that was slain and this must come under the control of angels since natural disaster befalls the earth and the following chapters will show that these events are always under the control of specific angels given specific authority. Chapter 6 ends with the opening of the 6th seal and then 2 interludes come (events that make the completion of 6 sealed periods) in the unfolding Plan of Salvation that is the Sealed Scroll. Revelations is full of persons and events so that we might understand the TRUE nature of the Plan of Salvation and our responsibility to it through free agency. Amen.