Love in the Word Church

The 7th Seal

We have taught heretofore that the Seals and the Trumpet signs alternated, as though the progress of the Seals and the progress of the trumpets were coordinated and alternating. but one perspective of chapter 8 would designate the Seals coming first with hardship on the earth, followed by the calamity and destruction of the Trumpets, then followed by the recreative destruction, retribution, and accounting of the Bowls. This is indeed one popular view. Whether or not the actual progress of these signs is concurrent or subsequent, this does not obfuscate WHAT is happening in Heaven and on earth. THIS is what we would deem adiaphora (not requisite for salvation). So do not get caught up in the imagery and timing, but understand the PROCESS in heaven and especially on earth. This will give us hope and vision during the tribulation of life and help us understand so that we TOO can be among the victorious. The 7th seal is broken and there is silence in Heaven. The very next phrase says for sometime (30 minutes) there is silence in heaven, but does this mean that there was a short break and then John sees another scene OR does it mean that the duration of the silence was but a short time. Remember that there is no Time in Heaven (eternity). Our understanding of this phrase depends directly on whether we believe concurrency or sequential (subsequent) progress of the signs. In either case, John sees that seven trumpets are given to seven angels who are responsible for seven events. The detail of the events will be next and John sees a glimpse of the wrath of God in the bowls in answer to the prayers of His people (to be detailed later). The first 4 events heralded by the trumpets are described here but we shall include them with the next reading passage in chapter 9.

Regardless of one's perspective, it is essential that we see that there is a relationship between what happens in heaven and on earth. We should understand that there IS a plan and that God is totally in control. We need to understand that no matter what happens here that we need to be prepared, prayed up, and have a relationship with Jesus if we expect to be among the victorious. There is order in God's Kingdom so no matter what we may WANT, God has a plan for our lives that is for our personal best benefit. This point can be lost when we see bad things happen to good people and we wonder what God is doing, but here is when FAITH takes center stage! Remember, God allows the faithful to be martyred for their testimonies in Him. God does not see death of the body in the same way we do. Each person's actions are judged at the final judgment and death of the body does not mean that we are lost to God! Therefore, we MUST center our focus on heaven, promise, hope, love, faith in Christ, among all that is good and proper! Seize the day and do not procrastinate. Amen!