Love in the Word Church

When I was at USMA West Point, in my plebe year, in English class. We read a Poem that said, "The moving pen having writ moves on". I have never forgotten that poem in the last 47 years, but it takes on practical and spiritual meaning today. God's time in this system stops for no one and so what has already been experienced is but a memory and has no bearing on today past our own desire to allow it. 2020 started with great expectation for us, but ended, in great part, as a disappointment! The inhumanity of greed, avarice, naked power, and deception was on grand display. God called us to a global ministry that has been exposed to great success and insufficient resources. Many of you know what I mean because you too have had that Moving Pen write in your lives. So what about today and this new year? To that I will end by saying.

Our level of frustration is proportional to our unfulfilled expectation (Depac Chopra). Do not be persuaded by your loses and disappointments of 2020. God's mercy and grace is renewed daily to those who believe. It is in our faith that we experience the liberating power of its pronouncements. Join me in looking forward while seeking an intimate relationship with Jesus if your are a believer. To those who do not believe, we have no ill will or judgement for you, but we stand resolute with a message of love, peace, and hope for eternity. If you are interested, just dedicate yourself to following our ministry which follows Christ. Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all and may we focus, exclusively, on faith to see us through what 2021 will bring. In Jesus' name. Amen.