Love in the Word Church

Acts 21:18-36

Let’s talk about the mob mentality in our Acts passage today. Mobs never make good decisions and they ALWAYS obliterate the rights of their victims! The Law was so important to them that they became blinded to its intent and meaning. This is the plan and cause of Satan. Mobs almost never have facts so this is why Satan begins with destroying facts and replacing it with lies and deception. This mob was made up of practicing Jews and not converts to Christianity. What I find fascinating is the fact that the Jewish converts still followed the Law after Jesus had elevated the Law to the Gospel. This is proof that the Law of Moses was never destroyed, but fulfilled! This is what Jesus said. Why would Paul continue to go to the temple, even for purification, when the Law of Moses had been fulfilled? Why would he take his new Gentile converts to the temple? We ARE the temple of God. What about grace abounding? For me this shows the humanity of the adherent followers of Christianity, the development and process nature of God’s kingdom, and of the patience and love of God. God does not expect us to get it the first time. So when we are dealing with God’s people, why would we expect perfection? We seek fault in others, like the mob that tried to kill Paul, especially when “we” allow ourselves to be offended rather than seeking to listen and finding some reason even among bad logic. I am convinced that the real battle is in each of us. Paul no longer has a reason to go to the synagogue or go to the temple. Such rites were no longer necessary. So the writer wants us to get a message. Focus less on success and rules to guide our actions and more on God’s love. Mob thinking is about temporal feelings and hedonism and a life in Christ is about love and eternity. Choose wisely my family!