Love in the Word Church

2 Kings 22:3 - 23:30

King Josiah of Jerusalem was on the same path of evil and destruction as many of the kings. Ahab, Jereboam and the like had allowed and were complicit with allowing the kingdom to follow the detestable gods and practices of the people whose land Israel was given. The major commandment to which they were told to adhere was not to worship any other god but the one true god. Israel was suppose to keep themselves away from marrying the natives of these lands. God knew that humanity is so easily corruptible. Satan does not have to work hard forever. He just starts one down the slippery slope and “spiritual” gravity (our flesh) will do the rest. Our natural inclination, according to Gen 4, is to do evil. We see this so true among Israel; but also see what happens in darkness when the Light of Truth enters! Josiah was given the Word of God and he immediately sets in motion a revival. He destroys all the icons, items, and people who were perverting the Truth of God. This was a new restoration! It is amazing how Satan uses our flesh to fall so quickly from Truth. We pervert God’s Way by twisting and contorting Truth so that our flesh does nothing but evil in the name of Truth. Once we accept one small lie or rationalization, we are primed to accept evil as good and good as evil! So the lesson of King Josiah is to seek Truth first and focus on it to the exclusion of all else. Don’t be lulled into a fog where tainted logic brings faith into question. Follow Jesus by staying in the Word. This is my prayer for us all who go by Jesus’ name. Amen.