Love in the Word Church

Acts 23:11-35

"Sanhedrin of God, forty or more of us have taken an oath to not eat or drink until we take the life of Paul!" This was the message of a group of offended Jews who felt that it was okay to go to their "spiritual" leaders and confess that they had made an oath to kill a fellow human. What is wrong with this thought? When passion is allowed to run a muck, without the balance of reason, this is what the flesh produces. If we use the Law of Moses as a standard, which would mean to use the Law of Moses to judge human actions, we would elucidate the following. To take an oath by any thing that was not of heaven was forbidden. The Law said that Israel could neither swear by heaven or by earth because it all was the Lord's! So the only thing that could bind this earth would be an oath witnessed by God! If this oath was witnessed by God, it is still unlawful so they were making an oath to murder which is also a transgression of the Law. This type of action is an abomination under the law of God but is rationalized by the flesh. The Sanhedrin liked to play the game of getting others to do what the Law forbid them to do. The Law was made to give life but the Sanhedrin was full of death. They were called whitewashed tombs - they appeared to be full of light even though their hearts and souls were full of death and darkness. Complicit is when we see sin but turn a blind eye to it, omitting our duty to stand for justice and truth! This is the second witness against the Sanhedrin and according to the Law Truth is established by 2 or more witnesses. This is why bearing false witness was among the original 10 commandments. Hear and repent. Amen!