Love in the Word Church

Acts 24

Paul was unlawfully detained over trumped up charges and lost his liberty while the false accusers enjoyed their liberty. The Law of Moses, nor did Roman law, protect Paul from false imprisonment. When I see such injustice, it is hard to fathom that a good God reigns in authority over such an unjust world. This is a common viewpoint that Satan uses to break or hinder the faith of those who struggle with faith. Further inspection will show that this is a typical shrewd Satanic device because its deception creates doubt in the very foundation of the defense that powers a soul’s response to create inner peace among a turbulent and destructive surrounding. The result and symptom of this type of attack, are evidenced by isolation. This isolation comes in 2 types - self-isolation and/or coerced isolation by being ostracized by one’s surrounding support system. Use this theory to view the Acts passage referenced today. Practical application of spiritual principles, to this preacher, is essential for spiritual health while living in an antithetical and hostile world. I believe that this described process is the very tactic that Satan uses to lead people away from God’s Truth. It is consistent with Satan’s “go to” move in the garden - he called God a liar, “You shall not die but become as God” (Gen 3:4-5). If Satan can bring doubt in God’s actual existence, presence, or level of care, one initiates a self-destructive process that is supported by self-logic, which often defies faith! Satan nullified Paul’s effect among the people by having his liberty forcefully taken. They wanted him dead to cease his effect but his imprisonment was a close second. God is not a respecter of persons so the system He created must create the same “eternal” opportunity, but not the same temporal opportunity. Temporal opportunity is under the world’s control and this is Satan’s realm! There is so much that can be gleaned about the battle we are in. Let us wake up and see Jesus. Faith is the key to our success in every situation. Destroy it and everything else will crumble! So protect yourself by fortifying your foundation, which is our faith!