Love in the Word Church

Acts 25

The Jews were determined to kill Paul. These are the very Jews that Paul had represented at the stoning of the Apostle Stephen! Paul, according to them had broken the Law, but they had already broken the Law when they crucified Jesus. This is called deception and Satan is the Father of all lies! Paul’s appeal to Rome saves him temporarily but ultimately placed Paul in a situation that leads to his death. We must understand the relationship between freedom and liberty. Paul lost his liberty as an injustice, but he never lost his freedom. Freedom is an eternal condition of being unrestrained or not hindered according to one’s own will, while liberty is a temporal and political construct based on the eternal principle of freedom. Whom Jesus sets free is free indeed. This is the power of the martyr and Jesus is the only one who gets the glory. Gamaliel’s advice to the Sanhedrin is really never heeded. The Sanhedrin just becomes complicit to the plot to sin against their own Law, but they did it to Jesus. Why not with Paul?!