Love in the Word Church

Acts 27:1-20

Paul is often treated with more deference by the Gentiles than by his own. Paul continually finds himself in harms way because of the sinful actions of the Jews and the Jewish elders in Jerusalem. The guard accompanying the prisoners allows Paul time to see his fellow Christians when they port in a city wherein Paul had contacts. Paul should not have been detained. So what he suffers, too, shall be placed on the eternal account of his accusers. Paul warns the boat captain that there is loss ahead, but he refuses to listen. Once again Paul is helpless to alter or heed his own prophecy because of his chains. It is so easy to see the mounting cost to the innocent due to the injustice of the flesh, but God can use even injustice to bring glory to Himself! So when we see clear injustice affecting our own lives, it is important to look to faith. Faith is what turns a frown into a smile. My prayer is simple - let us all hold fast to the iron rod and our faith in it to free our souls from the effects of evil of this world.