Love in the Word Church

Acts 27:21-44

Part of the proof that God was protecting Paul comes yet again in the form of an angel. Remember Acts 22 17-19 when the Lord told Paul to leave Jerusalem and rather than leave, he tells the Lord that these people know him? This is disobedience and Paul suffers for his disobedience ultimately, but God protects him by sending the angel at the end of the storm. What I learn here is that our flesh, even in the most spiritual of endeavors, is awake and active. This gives Satan an chance to get a foothold in each of our lives. I also learned that having access to grace allows the Lord to protect us from evil's intent. Paul's refusing to leave when the spirit told him to leave Jerusalem is no different than Saul's disobedience in 1 Sam 15. In 1 Sam, the Spirit leaves King Saul that day and Satan comes to torment King Saul. The contrast is so striking because both men are named Saul at birth and Saul only becomes Paul when he accepts faith in Christ Jesus! Paul's choice ultimately has consequences which shows that even when we are spirit-filled, God allows our flesh and choices to affect our lives so that we continue to have freedom to learn wisdom. Clearly Jesus was not finished with Paul's mission, but Paul chose a loss of liberty to share his Gospel message with the people he loved. This point deserves to be highlighted even though it does reveal Paul's hubris!