Love in the Word Church

Acts 28

Paul continues to make the same mistake by going to find the Jews. Every time he does that, he places himself in grave danger. They always react the same - some believe, some want to believe, and the rest are angry and want him stopped. Paul knows that he is called to gather the Gentiles, but he continues to try to help his people. Here you see a problem with passion - it is relentless. Passions greatest reward is its greatest hindrance. Why I believe Paul continues to do this sends a sensible warning and reminder to those that preach the Gospel - passion unbridled can lead to action that does not consult our spirit and this opening us up to attack and ridicule by the very people you wish to serve. On the other hand, the Spirit remains with those who have a zeal for pushing past self interest in the name of the Lord. The highly poisonous snake bites Paul so securely that he hangs on but Paul shakes him off and has no adverse reaction. This miracle impresses the citizens of the island of Malta. Paul's bold stance in the face of danger is instructive for a soul that wishes to please God. Trust and believe on the Holy Spirit to match your zeal with God's protection. Gain wisdom, but keep your trust in Jesus.