Love in the Word Church

Romans 1:1-17

Paul arrives finally in Rome and is treated with deference. He is allowed to live on his own and at his own expense and no one bothers him for 2 years. I like to think that even though Paul is still under arrest (house arrest), God allows him a 2-year foothold to convert the pagan Gentiles to Jesus! The facts driving Paul can be highlighted in his powerful intro to the Book that bears the name of where he was serving. He gives his credentials as apostle (special messenger) to the Gentile but does state that Jesus came to call His own out of the Jews first. Since Paul is addressing the seat of power in the then known world, this is a crucial foothold for the new Church of Christ. A strong footing outside of Jewish Judah creates a foundation among the leader of the world, among the Gentiles. God uses Paul's disobedience to bless His Church. This is a great teaching moment of how God's freedom to choose wrong can still be used to bless His creation. This is a true testiment that we do not have to control people's lives (curtail their liberty) to lead them. God can take our very bad choices, allow us to feel the consequences, while still getting glory out of our missteps! Since Paul will be teaching Gentiles without his Jewish training, Romans will be packed with foundational theological content. One will be about to really see Paul's systematic theology and thus compare ours with God's Truth! Amen.