Love in the Word Church

Romans 1:18-32

According to Paul each of us has no excuse why we do not know God and His power and authority. The glory of God is in His creation. It can be seen in and through all He created so the wonder of the Lord is visible in the trees around us, in the life of a newborn, and in the scourge of a pandemic. Yes even those things that are hurtful to the finite mind can bring an understanding of God who resides in the infinite. Our greatest strength as humans, being God's prime creation, we can shift our fleshly or finite focus to the infinite and see God in each troubled moment. As humans, we hold onto finite concepts that life is lost once we are done here on earth when the Word clearly says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. This is where the finite and infinite meet and the trip to the eternal while living in the finite is possible. Romans also gives us a peak into the sin that so easily besets us. Sexual sin among men and women are clearly listed and explained. The acceptance of these lifestyles is also presented so we have no excuse when we stay complicit because we do not wish to offend. If we love others as we have been instructed, we can still be loving and not complicit with sin of any type. Having an understanding that all are sinners can go a long way to avoid the harsh judgement that comes from those who do not suffer from certain sins. So let us push off all that keeps us in the finite and accept that we can only understand God and His ways by focusing on the infinite. Lord that I may be a beacon and example of love whole standing for Truth is my prayer. Amen.