Love in the Word Church

Romans 2:1-24

God's plan from the very beginning can be seen by looking at the spectrum that humans form due to the presence of Satan in the world and the inherent susceptibility of the flesh to him. God, being outside of time, sets a Standard that by definition does not change. Accountability to that standard "creates" the spectrum and explain how God will reconcile His greatest creation, humanity, back to Himself through a Chosen people - ultimately "those who believe" in the Author of this plan. This is the central theme of the entire Bible and this is highlighted in today's passage in Romans. God starts with 1 people (Adam and Eve) and ends with 1 people (believers through faith in Him). As people sort themselves out and create a spectrum, God uses this natural, temporal, and fleshly process to introduce His standard in lower form to the world (The Law of Moses) so that He ultimately can judge everyone according to the higher standard that exists for eternity. By allowing this natural process, God can abide by the eternal laws of Justice, Free Agency, Mercy, and Grace, which all embody Love, the very Logos or essence and logic of God. This may seem convoluted to those who remain among the detail, but taking a "bird's eye view", one can see this pattern so easily. Once Satan rebelled in heaven as Lucifer or Son of the Morning and takes 1/3 of the occupants of heaven, a plan of how to test the souls of those remaining so that an eternal determination may be made that creates a binary solution- those for and those against the Standard or eternal Law of God. Those who are lukewarm will be judged as against according to Jesus and the teaching of Matthew 25. Look at this biblical refining process. From the purity and oneness of Adam and Eve by goodness to the spectrum of cursed vs bless after the Fall by the introduction of evil. From cursed vs blessed to the refined spectrum of covenant vs non-covenant with Abram. This then goes to the Chosen covenant Line to all others combined spectrum with Isaac. This is further refined to the spectrum of Chosen Nation covenant vs not Chosen Nation covenant with Jacob. God then further refines this spectrum to Jews vs Gentiles after the 10 tribes of Israel are lost because of utter sin and perverting the Law. Finally Jesus comes and brings the original and higher eternal Law and refines the spectrum Jew vs Gentile to Believer vs non-Believer. This is about what Romans is describing! Good vs evil is constant and the spectrum it creates with those lukewarm in the middle gets resolved in the end into that eternal binary good (Heaven) vs evil (Hell). Read the Bible with this in mind and see what jumps off the pages.