Love in the Word Church

Romans 3:9-31

Romans 3 should be studied in light of the Spectrum Theory that we introduced this weekend and 2 days ago. From the first spectrum of blessed vs cursed to the final refined spectrum of believer vs non-believer, Paul shows everyone is under the Law - either the Law of Moses (righteousness by self works) or the Law of the Gospel (righteousness by faith). Notice the Paul continues to show the elevated Law by redefining the terms, which is what Jesus did when He brought the Church of Jesus Christ ( The Kingdom of Heaven) to the Earth. For example, the Old Testament refines the spectrum of the Chosen Covenant Nation (israel) after 721 BC to Jews vs Gentiles. The Jews remained under the Law, which means the Law but Moses. Now, Paul in Romans says that there is no difference between Jew and Gentile, because All had sinned! Paul strips the physical identity of these OT terms and introduces spiritual ones! Paul says that those who were under the Law of Moses should that this Law only bright consciousness of guilt. So the Jew and the Gentile were the same, both fallen short of the glory of God. See the elevation of the Law of Moses to the Law of the Gospel by faith? Paul then shows that all are justified by "faith" in Jesus - those who failed under the Law of Moses and those who were never under the Law of Moses! Looking at the spectrum Jew vs Gentile, this would be heresy. Romans 3 is showing the theology of God under the Gospel, where faith in Jesus rules and therefore elevates the Law to the Gospel! Look at verse 29, God is the God of both Jew and Gentile. This is an eternal or infinite perspective, where Jew and Gentile of the OT were from a temporal or finite perspective ( from a physical perspective to an spiritual perspective). This is another way to understand what we deem the elevation of the Law and why Jesus says, " it has been said ..., but I say ..."! Do you now see?"