Love in the Word Church

Romans 6

Paul continues to show us why being a slave to righteousness is so more prudent then being s slave to sin. One brings eternal life while the other brings death. So since we who believe are under grace and not the Law, we should be careful that we do not become careless and sin because we know we can be forgiven. This is absurd, but Paul understands how Satan operates. Whoever we are obeying, that person becomes the lord in our lives. So Paul asserts again that free agency is ever present and we must choose who we will serve. Righteousness does not force itself on us, we "choose" to obey and therefore make ourselves slaves to righteousness! Whoever we choose to obey becomes our God. This is powerful teaching because it shows the True nature of our God and the depraved nature of our flesh! For the wages of sin is eternal death but the gift of God is eternal life with Jesus Christ. So when we choose Jesus, we are actually choosing the eternal life of being with Jesus. This makes us dead to sin. Being dead to sin does not mean that we do NOT continue to sin. It means that grace pays the sin balance of justice and Satan no longer has a claim. The flesh will continue to do wrong, but being a slave to righteousness means that eternal life is our reward. To embrace sin means to choose death in the face of justice. Death is life out of the presence of God where there will be gnashing of teeth, etc. To choose Jesus is to be alive with Jesus. Paul says that he uses this type of example because of the limits of our finite brain's. This yet again gives proof that sin is the burden of finite reasoning. We must focus on faith to see into the infinite while yet trapped in the finite. Choose obedience to Jesus and righteousness will be credited to us vis grace. Praise Him!