Love in the Word Church

Romans 7:1-13

Paul's meaning is undeniable - the Law was holy, because it put the sinfulness in sin! Apart from the Law, there is no penalty even though their is sin. Why? Because grace nullifies sin and gives each soul, living or dead, the opportunity to confess Jesus. Only Israel is under the Law, but they are not the only ones to benefit from the Law. Since the Law brought a clear definition of sin, because of the flesh of humanity, it also brought death; but God!!!! So through Justice both Jew and Gentile, which includes ALL humanity, would have had the same eternal result - death which is eternal separation from God in the infinite. The Plan of salvation activated grace over ALL humanity upon confession of Christ Jesus so that all who lived, under and not under the Law, would have the same opportunity for salvation. It is an absolutely brilliant plan! In my opinion, Paul's greatest gift to us is his theological understanding. He takes away ALL contentions that God is somehow biased towards His Chosen. In fact, if it had not been for His Chosen under the Law, all humanity would have been doomed to eternal death. Without the Law, we would not have known what sin was and therefore this would obfuscate any reason for the crucifixion of Jesus. Without the cross and Jesus, there could be no access to grace. So by the Law, all humanity is given the same opportunity to eternal life. The Judgement of the world MUST come due to the eternal Law of justice. Without the Law, God would have created flesh, only to condemn it, since no salvific work would be present. Therefore, the concepts Paul presents so far, just proves Jesus' elevation of the Law, which defines the spectrum Jew vs Gentile's elevation to Believer vs non-believer. So follow this, the end result of good vs evil would ALWAYS result with spiritual death of the flesh due to justice and without the Law, humanity would never understand sin AND end up destroyed because of it! It is the Law that reveals the meaning and penalty of sin because it "effects" or creates the human or temporal spectrum of cursed vs blessed due to obedience while in the presence of the eternal Good vs Evil. It is therefore the Law coupled to the Gospel that creates the environment where ALL will have, through free agency, the opportunity to choose life eternal at the final judgement based solely upon the access to grace upon confession of faith in Jesus. Through his station, Paul understood The Law, as an educated and gifted Jew; but after Jesus' intervention, now he has an eternal perspective and he is sharing it in Romans! Praise God for His Wisdom!