Love in the Word Church

Romans 7:14 - 8:8

Paul continues to show the depravity of the flesh and its constant need for us to subdue it. Like Paul, we cannot do that alone. Our flesh would constantly do evil. So we have the Spirit of God to be constantly with us so that we can do good. So do not fret when your flesh does the opposite of what you know is right to do. To do nothing, though, will result on you becoming a slave to sin. So we MUST do something. We choose the Spirit of God and righteousness will abound! By choosing the Spirit, we are doing something. It is the right thing. Relationship with Jesus is the one practical thing that we can choose and by so doing, we choose life. Paul is really focusing on this choosing. This is a summary of the ills of humanity - we spend so much time in the finite that our faith wanes and we lose confidence in the infinite! The price of freedom is eternal vigilance then takes on an eternal perspective. So being vigilant safeguards our freedom which in turn disconnects us from our earthly liberty, so that we are free to find happiness and peace amidst strife, toil, and trouble. So it is faith, once again, that frees our finite bodies to live among the infinite while living in the flesh! Amen.