Love in the Word Church

Romans 8:9-25

Today Paul teaches about the power of the Spirit of God that lives in us. Notice he says while in the body we will continue to sin,"but" if we have God's Spirit in us because of our confession in Christ, then our spirit which is in sync with God's Spirit in us, brings us righteousness thru grace so that we are made alive in Christ. So if we confess Christ and expect that our flesh will not be tempted or that it is impossible to lose our righteousness, this is prime soil for failure through Satan's scheme to claim us. Alive means to be in Christ's presence. Dead means out and away from the presence of Christ. Paul tells us also that the Creator did not want this earth subject to evil but He allowed it so that while in the flesh, our spirit may choose Jesus. We become Children of God by the Spirit that is within us. This hope of glory is a hope and therefore not yet with us. All flesh has the chance at this hope, but it comes by the Spirit and the Spirit comes by Christ.