Love in the Word Church

Romans 8:26-39

Today Paul talks about a theological concept that often confuses those who struggle with faith - predestination. It may appear to some that God set up ahead of time who would seek after Jesus. If this were so, God would be a respecter of persons and ceased to be God. What about free agency? Then what is the explanation? I find the solution quite simplistic. We CANNOT seek to understand or explain God in terms of finite concepts. God is eternal and therefore infinite. Predestination vs free agency is a false equivalent. Free agency is an eternal Law in the standard of God. Predestination is a misnomer that is bound in the finite. Here is where the confusion lies. Predestination is a finite term which demands a belief in "fate or destiny". It believes that our action are "predetermined" by some being and not of our own choice. This is finite thinking that denies the infinite nature of God. Its falsity can be seen in the fact that to believe predestination this way destroys or denies the eternal Law of free agency. Having a systematic theology helps us to understand. God has at least 3 common divine natures - Omnipotence, Omni-benevolence, and Omniscience. It is omniscience that gives us our explanation. God exists outside of time so that within time, God has no beginning and no end. God is omnipresent because He is omniscience. Omniscient means all knowing. To "know" something is to be present. So God knows outside of any specific finite period what is and will be within time. So God knows what our choices will be within time in the situations that will present themselves "in time". So within time, our choices are known to God before that time. So God can choose us ahead of time and determine our blessings and cursing (justice) ahead of "time". So predestination does not deny free agency, it is just a finite construct that tries to explain the infinite character of omniscience! Read this section again with this understanding of predestination!