Love in the Word Church

Romans 10:14 - 11:12

Paul continues to explain how within time, God uses the spectrum believer vs non-Believer to bless the entire world and also show that the refusal to accept the Gospel by those under the Law creates great opportunity for those who were not under the Law to acquire grace. Paul explains in finite concepts how some Jews and the Gentiles accept grace - it is by faith through hearing the Word and the Word comes from God. This constant contrast and comparison shows that the Law brings death due to disobedience (works) while life with Jesus accompanies those who access grace by faith. The Jews who refused to believe will not be abandoned since they will get to hear the gospel again to accept or reject it before judgement. Paul agains uses copious references from the Septuiginy (Old Testament) to help those under the Law connect the dots and be saved by grace through faith. What a masterful use of finite concepts to show God's infinite Will for His creation. The Gentile reading this can see their good fortune via the Jews overall rejection of Jesus while providing the Jews the roadmap to embrace faith in Jesus Christ by unfolding the prophecies found in their Tanakt (Torah, Prophets, Wisdom literature). For those of us who accept the Gospel by faith, Romans is a source of inspiration and to the Jews a roadmap from The Law to grace via faith. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile in the spiritual and Paul continues to hammer this for "our" perfection! Amen.