Love in the Word Church

Romans 12

Chapter 12 of Roman's can easily be entitled "The Christian Life". It is a repository of the attitudes, tasks, and perspectives that set us apart from the world. Every last verse is underpinned by the concept of love. This is why Jesus said love one another and the world would know whose disciple we are by how we love. I think that way too many of us wear our hurts like badges of honor, but Paul said overcome evil with good! We know this is a spiritual concept because it is upside down from the world's view. When we base our very existence on the love of others, we show Jesus how much we love him. From the opening of the Old Testament until our present age, God's love has been the number 1 trait to emulate - the Lord wants obedience rather than sacrifice. I believe that many of us wear our hurt as badges of honor because we focus way too much on sacrifice and push the obedience to love by the wayside. I can honestly say that my entire life, save a few misguided moments, I have cared for and loved others. I must admit though sometimes I feel that this attitude has punished me. What you and I need to do when we feel this way is to rest in the knowledge that we have loved unconditionally and this should give us comfort regardless of how it appears. What we do for Jesus are the only things that will last. Amen!