Love in the Word Church

Romans 13

Love fulfills the Law! That is the love of God and neighbor. This is the prime directive. All authority comes from God and so respect for authority is requisite for proper Chistian living. How difficult it is to respect bad leadership. When leaders abuse the trust their subjects have in him/her, the leader will ultimately pay the price - to whom much is given, much will be required! Respecting authority, paying taxes, and keeping the rules of society is required by the citizens of heaven. Liking your leader is not required but make certain that Satan does not use your dislike as a means to gain entry to your soul! Therefore dissenting according to the law is good, while destroying property against the law is NEVER justified! Romans 12 spoke about how we live as Christians. This chapter 13 talks about those qualities of Love and respect that are consistent with "how" we live that life. Finally Paul introduces the fact that the time was near. I often look to how wrong in the temporal time Paul was. In the eternal Paul is not wrong. My understanding of this section comes partly from the statement that Jesus makes, "No one knows the time when the Son of Man shall return. Not the angels and not the Son." This reckoning of time in the natural means that Paul cannot know either. So the meaning of soon here is either Paul repeating Jesus when He says that "this generation shall not pass away before these things come" or Paul is reckoning time against eternity. The point is that no one knows so don't let Satan pull you astray by getting you frustrated about the tarry time and you fall away under his influence. We must live as though He is coming back any second so do not procrastinate your day of repentance! Paul talks about the mystery of the plan of salvation. Christ's timing fits this explanation since it is impossible to know "within" time when the second Advent will be. Outside of time or in eternal reckoning, it will be soon! Amen