Love in the Word Church

Romans 14

Looking at today's Roman passage, one can see where 1 Corinthians 8 gets its substance. I like to call Romans 14 the rules of community. We know from chapters 12 and 13 that love of God and neighbor are requisite to the Christian life. Chapter 14 sets up the standard of how we life "together". Paul says that all Christians are different and we need not only to accept our differences, but we need to celebrate them. We have no authority to judge others whose faith may appear different than our own. All in our faith are at different levels AND the ones with little faith should not feel less than those who have great faith. Paul's entire argument is based on "stumbling" blocks, of which food is just an example. The Word says that all things not taken as faith or considered from the perspective of faith, is sin! Wow! Paul means that if you are blessed to understand the intricacies of the Bible and someone else does not, it is sin for you to condescend to those who do not or cannot accept or understand AND it is sin for those who cannot or do not understand when they judge you as arrogant or haughty because they cannot and do not understand! So much time and energy should be taken to live with other Christians who follow the Word in manners other than ourselves. The Word says that ALL will be judged by the master that each serves, so do not judge another's servant. So if we are around others that find drinking wine as sinful by faith, then when we are in their presence, it it better to abstain out of love and respect so that we do not create a stumbling block for others who have accepted that approach by faith. It is NOT wrong to us, but wrong to them. So if they drink, they sin not because they have transgressed God's way but because they have transgressed God's standard that they have accepted by faith. At Conrlius' house, Jesus told Peter not to call anything that God had made as unclean. God can judge something as clean or unclean. We cannot! Love, tolerance, and respect for others in community is therefore requisite for Godly, Christian (redundant) living! Let us supply this logic to our lives!