Love in the Word Church

Romans 15:1-22

Romans 15 is wrapping up the understanding of how we live in community. Paul also reveals why he was called to the Gentiles - he loves to build on his own foundation and not the foundation of others. The Word says that perseverance leads to more faith. I must admit that I am personally internalizing chapters 12-15 since I find myself at times disappointed that what I know I heard, I do not see. I have and at times still walk around with by hardships as badges of honor. This may be subtle, but doing so means that I am judging what some person or group has done "to" me rather than looking to Jesus for healing. When people purposely or not purposely treat me badly, it gives my faith a prime opportunity to grow by not responding to them with evil, but overcoming evil with good! I hope you are getting this. I am trying to tell you that the teacher struggles with the very principles that he/she teaches when it regards faith "in practice"! So give yourself a break and keep focusing on faith and we will grow in faith with more love than we ever thought was possible.