Love in the Word Church

2 Corinthians 6:14 - 7:7

Solomon’s message on the meaningless of the lives focused on this world stand in vivid display in Paul’s 2 Corinthians 6. The sun does indeed rise on the just AND the unjust. Paul says that we should separate ourselves from this world. He is speaking spiritually. Some Christian sects take this to mean that we should physically separate ourselves. The word consecrate and sanctify mean to dedicate ourselves to separate our heart, treasure, and focus from the standards of this world! If this is not the case then what does Jesus mean when He says that we should be in but not of the world. We can never have an impact on the godless unless they get to see firsthand the practical God that exists in our lives. We should not separate ourselves physically! This is not the meaning or the purpose of the text. Also separation would deny or at least obfuscate the reason of evangelism. Should we befriend others who are clearly unbelievers? Yes, as long as you know how to love and not judge. You see true Christianity works “within” the believers and draws others who are drawn by our example. Too many Christians today use God’s gift of faith to portray a holier than thou persona that is rooted in the depths of Hell. True faith is lived and more often realized than voiced! Solomon is right focus on life’s fleshly temporal wisdom is pointless and meaningless, especially when our spirit should rule the day to focus us on things eternal. I thank God for my experiences which have taught me to balance heaven and earth for the benefit of those I love and lead and to those who are still seeking and deciding between faith and folly. Praise Him. Amen