Love in the Word Church

2 Corinthians 8:1-15

I firmly believe that giving signals the true measure of our faith. I believe that Paul agrees after reading 2 Corinthians 8. We see so many churches today where the pastors lives opulently that many struggling pastors aspire to like living. The Word says that the “love” of money is the root of all evil, but I believe that many of us excuse ourselves and rationalize that we do not rise to the level of loving money. Many of us called of God give, but we struggle to build our ministries because of the lack of financial resources. Paul says because those who give, those who gathered much did not have too much and those that had gathered little did not have to little. What does this mean? In the United Order (all things in common) the focus was on living, loving, and giving. For the flesh, it is hard for many to give after working so hard to obtain it, but for the spirit giving is loving and a very natural byproduct of our faith. There are many who cry love of God but never give to any ministry. There are plenty who consume the life work of others who labor to spread the Good News and care for the saints but never give to those ministries from which they consume. There are even more who blame the ministers for being money hungry for the reason why they don’t give! I believe that the number 1 sin of professed Christians today is their lack of knowledge of the Word. This lack of knowledge manifests itself primarily in our faith and we see this in our giving! Are you tithing to a ministry? Giving out of surplus is not sacrifice and giving something is not the Word. Find a ministry and get involved. Live a life of service and pay a regular tithe (10%) of your income. Then make an offering above that as the Lord blesses you. Then the onus is not on you, it is on the ministry depending how they use it. Paul understood this attitude about giving. Re-read the chapter again and become strong in faith. Faith with no action is not faithful so it is not faith! Amen.