Love in the Word Church

2 Corinthians 8:16-24

It appears that Paul is sending an offering to Corinth that had been collected from others so that there is equality among the Churches. Notice the principles of sharing in the commitment of others to promote equality among the Churches. This is an integral part of all things in common - the United Order as it has been called by some. Notice that Paul not only sends Titus, but he also sends another brother with a great reputation so that all are honored and that Jesus is praised. Paul was concerned that what was freely given was equitably dispersed. This shows how Jesus demands order and decency in his house. Appearance does mean something if you care about not being a stumbling block for those who are weak in their faith! How should this resonate with us today? Authority is better felt than voiced. Authority is centered in love, so to throw your weight about would be unthinkable! Servant leadership is different from a world view. Like Jesus who had demonstrable power, the servant leader eats last after seeing that his/her people are fed. He/she eats among them to lead by example and not by might. So Paul who was once feared for his murderous zeal is now uplifted by the same people he persecuted. What changed was Paul’s direction and not his characteristics. So let us focus on love, servant leadership, and decency. Let us lead our homes and charges with equality among our charges as a fore-thought, celebrating diversity, preserving reputation, and honoring God who sent us, and never ourselves. Praise Him. Amen