Love in the Word Church

2 Corinthians 10

In 2 Corinthians 10, Paul gives us an indication of at least a group of people that was causing some problems for him and the authority set over this church. We must remember that the tendency or predilection of humanity upon receiving knowledge is to become haughty and self aggrandizing. The Greeks with their contribution of “wisdom” in philosophy and thought, were no different. Evidently some began to commend themselves and began backbiting! Paul’s point is that no matter how powerful and mighty that we think we are, we are only as much as the Lord has given us. So if we must boast, boast in the Lord. Paul is only chastising them so that they may repent and so when Paul's agents arrive they may be commended. So it is easy to see that internal strife was affecting their Church. As Christians, we do not follow and fight according to the standards of the world. Our weapons are different and more powerful because we break worldly strongholds by the authority of God given to us. The WORD is a 2-edged sword. The world looks at the appearance of a person and makes a judgement. The godly seek God’s perspective that is found in the heart. Therefore thinking oneself better than another is not of God. So when some come upon you with their venom and vitriol, turn the other cheek and operate out of the knowledge of God to break deception and accusation by the Word of your testimony and the power of God. Amen