Love in the Word Church

2 Corinthians 13:1-13

The law of witnesses was introduced in Deuteronomy 19:15 in the Old Testament and we see it still applies in the Gospel message in 2 Cor 13:1. It states that Truth can only be established by 2 or more witnesses. I learned this lesson in my early ministry. Imagine a small piece of wood as God’s truth in any situation. If we let a nail represent 1 witness, by driving 1 nail anywhere in the wood allows the wood to spin on that one nail 360 degrees. It is impossible to fix the interpreted Truth (wood’s orientation). This one witness means that Truth can be seen to be interpretable. Truth would be whatever any person made it based on one’s perspective . This defies logic because Truth by definition is the statement of God’s reality of rectitude. It is the eternal principle that is real. Truth is only established (wood does not move- becomes fixed in orientation) when the 2nd nail is driven into that same wood. God the Father has 2 witnesses (Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit). Since we believe in a triune God and because perfection defines unity, any time that God speaks, Truth is automatically established or fixed in orientation. Follow this! Only from the perspective of human (finite) thinking do we see God as 3, but the eternal God is singular. Why? Perfection is the superlative. It defines unity. One cannot be more perfect. This is an oxymoron! So Paul alerts the Corinthians who are challenging his authority that when he comes the 3rd time, he will establish the final witness of their sin and God through Paul will deal with them according to Truth! The part I find absolutely striking is that Paul says test yourself to see if you are in the faith. So it is possible to have claimed faith in Jesus but not really have faith in Jesus. This fits Mathew 12 and 25 and establishes 3 witnesses that the concept of Once Saved Always Saved is Heresy as many explain it. The Holy Spirit testifies to the Light and Light, IS Truth, so to blaspheme the Holy Spirit means to deny Truth once it has been established by the Light (Holy Spirit). Faith only starts with a confession based on one’s belief, but it is established by our deeds (works). Remember that faith without works is not faith because faith and faithful mean the same in Hebrew and Greek - the original languages establishing God’s Truth on earth! Amen.