Love in the Word Church

Galatians 1

The churches in Galatia are the churches that were in the mid-central and/or south central area in today's Turkey that was known as Galatia. The mid-central Galatia was colonized by the Gauls in 3rd century BC. The south central Galatia was the province of Rome. Paul was forbidden by God during his first missionary journey to go to mid-central Asia, but reached them substantially during his last 2 visits. The southern Galatia Churches would have been started during Paul's first journey. So the Letter to the Galatians was written between 48-57 AD. A major theme deals with the Judaizers that were in the churches. Judaizers were Jewish converts to the Gospel that thought that the OT rituals should be practiced in the NT Church! As you can see in Revelations 2-3, these forces were an annihilation force within the church working against the Lord! There is only ONE Gospel and one Lord! Jesus is sending His messengers to teach us how to navigate according to Truth while living in and among an evil world. We believe that this fact is not only true today, but that it is much worst today. Paul tells us that he is an example sent to us by God. He was not taught this Gospel message from any human but directly from Jesus. Therefore, anyone wishing to pervert the Gospel by teaching a Gospel that is different from what was originally taught is in jeopardy. It does not take long for Satan to get dissension to start. Good news that is different from the simple faith that Paul taught, is not Good News at all! It is a counterfeit that will at best make your faith journey tortuous and at worst, lose you your very soul! As we embrace the Gospel, we must totally ignore those who would approach the Gospel with mere human reasoning for the wisdom of the world is foolishness to God and vice versa. The unbalancing and perverting work of some of the Jews was ever present. When we are called by God to perform a certain task, our path is clear - we follow the Lord! Jesus did not send Paul to Jerusalem to get their blessing first. The Lord sent him to Damascus. He did not meet the apostles until much later. God taught Paul and sent him to field! Let us remember that God's plan is prime, no matter how it looks to others! Amen.