Love in the Word Church

Galatians 3:23 - 4:31

Notice the explanation of the Isaiah passage in Galatians 4. Hagar and Ishmael represent Mount Sinai and the geographical Jerusalem. Sarai and Isaac represent Zion, the new Jerusalem to come. The Judaizers used their zeal to try to keep the new converts slaves to a system that had been fulfilled. In truth this is just Satan’s confusion so that immature converts may become confused and frustrated, dissipating their energy to failure. Notice Paul also signals the elevation of the Law by redefining the spectrum Jew vs Gentile to Believer vs nonBeliever. Prior to Christ we were heirs and therefore like slaves because although were owned everything, we controlled nothing. Not until the salvific work of Jesus are we adopted into Sonship and become Children of God! For years, I assumed that all children born of humanity are the children of God. In reality, we are since we are the progeny of Adam and Eve who were created by God. Theologically, though, this is incorrect. Faith is the key to sonship, not biological inception (birth). This point may seem innocuous, but when the basis of future reality is based on our theological confessions and subsequent actions, this point becomes the difference between eternity outside of the presence of God (Hell) or eternity in the presence of God (Heaven). Even though human life seems to be external to such notions, it becomes precisely the true meaning and purpose of our existence. Praise Him! Eternity is a long time! Choose wisely! Amen .