Love in the Word Church

Galatians 5:13-25

Jesus called us from out of the world (flesh) and into the Spirit. Paul's list of Don'ts are sandwiched by sexual sins. This is no coincidence because the natural man is an enemy to God. Fleshly desires and appetites are worst to control since they are godly feelings that have been misappropriated for devilish purposes. Being attracted to another and getting the thrill of overcoming risk to succeed are God-given characteristics that keeps us alive and healthy. It is Satan's hijacking of these characteristics for perverted means seemingly outside of the grasp of our control is how he enslaves the human soul. What was created godly becomes godless! Satan becomes the God rather than the Father, Jesus, and the Spirit and often our soul never realizes that the switch has been made by our choices! This is the slippery slope of Satan. The term itself shows that not only is Satan's plan a downward path, but that path is slippery increasing the chance of falling exponentially! Let us be clear EACH individual has the RIGHT to choose how he/she wants to live. LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH has NO problem with a person’s rights! We just draw the line at calling sin God's policy. Pedophilia, homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery, etc still and have always been contrary to the plan of God. Calling sin sin IS what God's expectation IS! Loving ALL, regardless of sin activity is ALSO the expectation of God! So let us get this right. Paul warns the Galatians and that warning is still valid today. Wake up!