Love in the Word Church

Galatians 6

Keeping your sanity and belief in Jesus takes a focused and concerted effort to know and flow the Word. Even Paul understood the stakes in Galatians 6 when he says to test our "actions" with God's Word and then if we boast, boast in Christ. Why does Paul say this? Paul is well acquainted with being zealous for "The Truth", but that was really Satan's coopted version of God's Truth. This is the very essence of Satan's modus operandi. Paul realizes this only after Jesus knocks him off his horse, speaks to him, and blinds him for 3 days. Why does Jesus blind Paul? Perhaps He had to reset Paul's sight so that he could see Truth. Paul clearly possessed the zeal already, he just needed to see more clearly - to see Truth! Paul had been deceived even though he possessed the training that was second only maybe to a few in his day. Paul's story IS our story. God is calling all of us to test our actions so that Jesus might align our thoughts and deeds. Devoting ourselves blindly to a man other than Jesus is the very definition of a cult. Cult by definition is not negative, but in today's world it has a connotation that is to act in allegiance with another object or person instead of the deity one claims as lord. You see a cult is merely the application of idolatry - replacing deity, via one's actions with some one or something of lesser value. Once the switch is made, we are purposely lead astray, and Truth and its cohort Reality are replaced by the idol's opinion. What was once Light is in actuality Darkness with the "appearance" of Light! Like Paul, this is how good people fall to Satan. What do your actions reveal to whom you have actual allegiance? Paul states in Romans that all have sinned and fallen short of God's standards. Therefore, let us not vilify our neighbor, but attempt to restore him/her to the Truth gently. Many may try to categorize my message by categorizing what they ASSUME my political affiliation is! This is what Satan wants us to do so that we avoid the harder work of holding ourselves accountable and admitting our deception. That would be unfortunate but certainly understandable! I too am a sinner saved only by grace and I speak only what can be verified by the Word. Partisanship is NOT biblical based on the fact that it denies our neighbor's motivation! God's judgement, like God's LOVE is applied equally to the ENTIRE world. Wake up world, if you are partisan, you are outside of the Will of God. Even Jesus said that a kingdom divided against itself CANNOT stand! Amen.