Love in the Word Church

Ephesians 3

The Ephesians are the same people to whom Jesus sends a letter in Revelations 2. This is the most important city in Asia Minor and the center of the then known world. It was a massive sea port in the west of the Fertile Crescent that has silted over so that now Ephesus is 3 miles inland from the Aegean Sea rather than being right on the Sea. These references gives us 2 points in time and 2 different witnesses about this Church of Jesus Christ. Paul states emphatically that the mystery is that the Gospel brings the Gentiles as joint heirs with Israel. This mystery had been hidden to Israel up until the cross and Paul, even though he claims to be the least of all God's people, is given the charge to evangelize this Gospel and participate in the practical elevation of the Law of Moses that covered Israel to the Gospel which covered humanity past present and future. Who better to do this than one who was trained by Gamaliel and also a Roman citizen. Paul was the bridge. He was the perfect choice! Since the original church was full of Jewish converts, it would take a skillful orator to advocate for the inclusion of the Gentiles among the Jews, many who clung to Judaism even after accepting the Gospel. The Gospel was not only God's plan to reconcile His Church to Himself, but it was also to show the kingdoms of the world the power and authority of the One True God. Jesus will be King of all kings on earth. The Gospel is not to subject its adherents to God but to show the depth and breadth of the love of God! The Ephesians were Greek and Roman Gentiles (gentiles), even though it had a Jewish contingent due to Ephesus being the major commercial city. Paul wanted them to know how much God loved them and prepared this plan of redemption for them before the foundation of the world. Theologically, we are the gentiles and therefore recipients of this advice. Let us take this chapter 3 to heart and change the way we act. Let us replace our cynicism with the hope and love of God. Amen.