Love in the Word Church

Ephesians 4:17-32

Paul continues in Ephesians 4 to give a more complete view about that which he has been talking. How do we live as Christ, having been born of sin and lived a life NOT worthy of God? Paul explains what the difference is between those in the world and those who have been called and we are told that we are expected to be like Jesus. According to Paul, when we exist in filth and evil living, we become numb to it and then even what is evil does not seem that bad! This is the other face of the slippery slope of Satan that we spoke of several days ago. It is the world who gives themselves over to sexual impurity and impure deeds, half truths. Some know no better. They are mostly ignorant of God, but to those who are Christians, those called by faith, we are called to an opposite light - the Light of God! We who have chosen Christ WERE once in the world. So what ever we were doing that would not please God is to be replaced by spiritual living. God understands our past but he will not tolerate "our" continued bad performance when we have claimed Christ. Grace is always available for those whose faith remains in Jesus. HOWEVER, when we continue to live like the world and claim Jesus is Lord with our lips, Satan becomes the idol after which we pattern our actions. We may be saved by faith, but we will be judged by our actions (works)! Now can you understand why Satan wants you to believe once saved, always saved? Wake up, Saints of God, we cannot have faith without faithfulness. They are one in the same to God! If you think that I am not correct, please review verse 30. Paul is clear, yet today many want to do nothing after they confess belief in Christ and think that they are covered. We need to study the WORD of God and see the Light! Amen.