Love in the Word Church

Philippians 2:19 - 3:3

Paul is in chains in Rome when he writes this letter after receiving aide from the Church at Philippi. Paul sends Timothy back with this letter and he appeals to the Church, thanking them for their financial assistance but also his wish that they may handle the hardship of this ministry of Jesus Christ like he has. We learn yet again why the Lord gives Paul Timothy. Timothy has genuine compassion for the Church and he is trusted beyond measure by Paul. Epaphroditus was the one sent from Philippi with financial help for Paul, so Paul sends him back highlighting his near death experience of illness which Paul says "he almost died for the work of Christ. He risked his life to make up for the help you yourselves could not give me." In chapter 3, we see yet again that the Judaizers are busy in Philippi trying to demand that the new non-Jewish converts circumcise themselves. Paul calls them "mutilators of the flesh". This point had already been settled by Paul and the pillars of the Church. This did not stop them from trying to Judaize Christ Church! This would be tantamount to diminishing the Gospel to the Law after Jesus dies to elevate the Gospel from the Law of Moses! We are spiritually circumcised, rather than physically circumcised, those who are faithful to the Gospel! This is yet another witness that the ministry of Jesus Christ in the face of the prince of darkness in THIS world is not destined for fame and fortune in this world. Indeed, the fame and fortune of many stand in the way of their calling. It is NOT coincidence that the Gospel appeals more readily to the poor and disenfranchised than it does to the wealth and powerful of the world. As much as I like what money can purchase, our reliance must be in Christ and not in the filthy lucre of this world. Ministry is about contentment and faith in Christ in the midst of an evil and perverse world. To be a beacon light, a city shining on top of the mountain, takes almost an abhorrence to the financial systems of this world in order to be free to submit fully and wholeheartedly to God. There is NOTHING wrong with money; however, the LOVE of money is the root of ALL evil! So adjust yourself accordingly. If you are blessed with such resources, use them wisely to help the Kingdom of God. Do NOT be self-indulgent. If there is a choice between money and faith, do as Jesus directs "cast it off" (Matt 5:29; 18:9; Mar 9:47). This is Jesus' meaning in these passages. When all is said and done, ministry takes humility and contentment with whatever Jesus' purpose for our walk! Praise Him! Amen