Love in the Word Church

Focus: Acts 26

In season or out of season, in trials and in times of peace, the Lord requires that we love Him enough to be obedient to what we know is correct. Beyond obedience love pushes us to do good to others by sharing how God has touched our lives. God loves the praises of His people, I find. Because He sees our devotion and dedication to the principles He has been trying to teach us. Paul, although he was unfairly imprisoned, he treated any one who visited with the love of God. What a witness to Paul's resolve! Clearly Paul was not focused on his defense more than what he knew about God's favor. He was inwardly content that manifested outwardly as concern for the souls that God had created. He welcomed others while still in chains. This single focus endears us to God. The Lord allows our faith to be tested so that we may mature enough to lead others to the peace that is assured through faith that Jesus the Nazarene is Christ. So let us take the time to develop an intimacy with Him. Open up our hearts to God's love so that we set an example of spiritual maturity. It will change our lives! Amen.