Love in the Word Church

Focus: Rom 1:18-32

The foundation of the Gospel is love! Since we are all sinners saved by grace we are to be gracious with others. Being gracious does not mean that we sacrifice truth for human approval. It means we speak Truth without judgement! We have become so politically correct that many of us have sacrificed being spiritually correct. We have become so tribalistic that we sacrifice spiritual principles just to support our tribe rather that support our Christian beliefs. We can be so deceived that we rationalize the sin of others just to stay true to the tribe rather than stay true to God! When we begin to vilify others, not of our tribe, based on their tribal positions or membership in an opposing tribe, we grieve God. Why? Because this is not rooted in love or Truth, but in support for our tribal position. This is what Paul is saying in these verses. It is the same idolatry that we are witnessing take over our blessed country today. Satan is so clever and he knows that a counterfeit MUST appear like the original to mislead and misdirect others who swear to its authenticity! Lust is a counterfeit of love. One is fulfilling the desires of carnal appetites, while the other is filling the desire of God for His creation. If we justify sin, we are not being loving or helpful. Teach Truth in love (plant and water faith, but it is God who gives the increase). So what is a sign of any counterfeit, it is when we talk about support for a person, attitude, or practice rather than support of God's Truth! We are living in the end of times so Satan MUST blur Truth in order to deceive others! What is the basis of Satan's deception always? That God is a liar and not him! He did that in the Garden of Eden and he us doing it now (claim alternative facts when something is truly seen in spirit). Paul is sounding the alarm then and NOW! Amen.