Love in the Word Church

Focus: Rom 2:1-24

What a great message to the Jews in Rome. Paul chastises them for their arrogance and hypocrisy! They know the Truth but do not live it. They act superior to the Gentile due to their birthright but act worse than many Gentiles who follow God's law without hearing it- through their election! Paul says that God's Chosen people will pay for their hypocrisy because they know better. Remember Matt 12:31, sinning against the Light of Truth (Holy Spirit) is not forgiven in this world or the next. He also reveals to them their arrogance of having God's prepartory Law ( the Law of Moses), but rejected the very Man who was foretold, the Messiah who was to come, when He came. What a message applicable for today - to whom much is given, much is required! Rather than clinging to the arrogance due to our membership in His Church, we need to be the example of God's love drawing others by modeling how we love them! The New Testament covenant does not destroy the Old. It merely fulfills the OT law by replacing self cleansing with faith. It takes the death of the Old Law since no one could keep it and replaces it with Life through faith which is fueled by grace! It did this by providing Jesus the Nazarene, part God, part Man as the ONLY human capable of fulfilling the Law of Moses! To all other humans, it was the law of death, but to Jesus, it was the path to usher in God's eternal Law, redeeming His prize creation who would choose life eternal back to Himself! Thank you oh God for redeeming me and then setting me on this path to pastor and lead others to Truth. My life is a witness that proves God's grace is new every day! Praise Him!