Love in the Word Church

Focus: Rom 2:25 - 3:8

I love Paul's message to the Jews in Rome. Paul is dispelling attitudes and points of view that are false and manipulative. Arrogance, pride, and haughtiness created ridiculous claims of logic that could have only come from Satan, who is the master deceiver of all time. Even if we are not born Jewish, these points and concepts are equally true to all believers today, especially to those who are NOT of Jewish birth today. Satan's chief tactic is to convince humans that God is a liar because if God lies, He is unworthy to judge the world and by His own decree and Truth which is eternal, He will cease to be God! By weakening our faith in God, Satan gets us to destroy ourselves and follow the carnal appetites that so easily control us. This was the purpose of the Law of Moses - that we all might see through His chosen people, the Jews, that it is impossible to satisfy the Law without justification by faith and the indwelling of the Holy Sprit! So Satan's plan will always include deception. This is why David said that he would write upon his heart God's law so that he could be obedient. Paul says that true circumcision is a heart under management by the Spirit of God. As usual, the Jews took the sign of God's covenant, circumcision, and made it an idol! Haughtiness is always a result of idolatry, in this case worship of self and stature instead of the principles circumcision represents! This is the same with title worship. There are those Christians who worship the title but do not live its tenants of faith. Paul defines the higher meaning of circumcision and title of Jew so that the purpose of the sign does not change, but the sign does! There is no need for Gentile Christians to be physically circumcised (by rite) while the purpose of actual circumcision remains. Praise God!