Love in the Word Church

Focus: Rom 3:9-31

Romans 3 really sets straight any confusion about the OT and NT and Jew and Gentile equality before God. There was no efficacy (ability to bring about the purpose, will, or calling) of the Law of Moses to save anyone from sin. This was not the purpose of God's Law. Paul shows great equivalency between Jew and Gentile by raising the level of the argument to God. There is only 1 God and He is the Creator of all. Because ALL are sinners before God, Paul levels the field by elevating all humanity to be equal! This is truly radical thinking in that day and I dare say that we are still fighting this battle today. Paul does not allow any reader to believe that the Gospel destroys the Law as the "supercessionists" (those who say that the Gospel Church of faith replaces or supersedes the Jews as God's Chosen) try to claim. Israel is God's Chosen people (OT). So the practical application here is that through faith, we not of Jewish blood are equal before election or before our confession of faith, are grafted into His Chosen people upon confession of faith in Jesus' salvific (saving) work so that God does not change! This perspective is essential to reading the end of time prophesy and mandates the need of all Christians to assist the nation of Israel today. As Christians, we too belong to the Church, the nation of Israel - God's Chisen! This has been God's plan from the beginning. Amen.