Love in the Word Church

Focus: Rom 4:1-12

Romans 4th chapter is one of our proof texts that shows the existence of the Gospel or NT doctrine in the OT. God revealed this to Abraham so that the Jew and the Gentile would be able to accept the true value of faith. The law of opposites dictates that where pure good is pure evil must also exist since pure good is the absence of evil. So if we understand the true nature of humanity as being prone to evil and calamity, it will highlight that humanity must have faith in God to be brought back in right relationship with Him! This is why the Law of Moses was introduced, so that humanity would realize our absolute dependence on God. We would stay in an unclean and fallen state if our salvation was based on our actions. God said to His people that they must be holy because He IS holy. Like some Christian's today, some Jews used their selection as God's Chosen as an reason to be superior to all others. Paul shows that it is not election or selection that justifies but it is our faith that brings us back into right relationship to God. Therefore by one man. Adam, came death so by one man, Jesus, shall come eternal life! Christ must be a part of any plan to redeem fallen humanity. This is why Christianity is the one True eternal church of God. Humanity has the right to choose and live whatever they wish; however this does not change the fact that the Only way to God is through Jesus of Nazareth. Praise Him!